Try these ways to get to sheep - i mean slp:

  1. Don't nap during the day.

  2. Cool your bedroom.  

  3. Picture your favorite place.  

  4. Eat dinner by candlelight.  

  5. Sleep at regular times.  

  6. Make your bedroom sleep-     friendly.  

  7. Exercise regularly.  

  8. Cut down on caffeine.  

  9. Try to relax before going to bed.  

 10. If you can't sleep, get up. 

 11. Make sure your bed is   comfortable.  

 12. Practice Yoga, Meditation and     Mindfulness.   

 13. Do Not Look at Your Clock.  

 14. Listen to Relaxing Music.   

 15. Find the best time to sleep.

 16. Passion Flower oil.  

 17. Lavender oil.  

 18. Valerian Root oil.  

 19. Read A Book Before Bed.  

 20. Set A Formal Bedtime.  

 21. Meditate.  

 22. Cut Out The Caffeine.  

 23. Try to force yourself to stay   awake.  

 24. Turn Off  The Electronics.  

 25. Invest In Some Blackout   Curtains.

 26. Change your pillow.

 27. Lay on a quality sleep surface.

 28. Take a warm shower before bed.

 29. Put on your socks to bed.

 30. Put on some calming music.  

 31.  Try visualization.  

 32. Skip the late snacks.  

 33. Avoid late night exercise.  

 34. Wake up at the same time each day.   

 35. Exercise regularly.  

 36. Limit activities in bed.   

 37. Get all your worrying over with before you go to bed.  

 38. Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual.  

 39. Evaluate your bedroom - is it untidy?.  

 40. Go into another room and do something relaxing.

 41. Turn down the TV and music volume.  

 42. Switch from overhead lights to lamplight.  

 43. Reduce the brightness on your iPhone, iPad, TV, or computer screen.  

 44. Stop answering work emails.  

 45. Put down the wine glass.  

 46. Have sex (or masturbate).  

 47. Have a bath.  

 48. Turn on a fan in your bedroom.   

 49. Open a window.  

 50. Do a breathing or relaxation exercise.